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Federal Explosives License/Permit Search

Please be advised that users will not have access to FELeZCheck during the following maintenance windows: Saturdays from 4:00pm to Sunday at 6:00am and on the Saturday following the second Tuesday of the month, FELeZCheck will not be available from Saturday 6:00pm to Sunday at 6:00pm.

The purpose of this program is to allow an Federal Explosives Licensee/Permittee (FEL) or other user to verify that a Federal Explosives License/Permit Number (FEL) is valid. The user needs only enter the first 3 digits and the last 5 digits of the Federal Explosives License/Permit Number being verified in the blocks provided and select the SUBMIT button. Selecting the RESET button will clear previously entered data.

  Enter the FEL Number:    -   -   -   -   - 
  FEL Number Example:   9  -  AL  -  XXX  -  XX  -  XX  -  99999